Download and print important forms, complete and return to us! These are Google Docs, so you may have to download to your computer first and then open if you do not have the Google Docs app on your computer.

2022-2023 Pre-Registration Form

Current Brochure

Child Health Exam

CANTS Child Abuse and Neglect Tracking System Authorization Form*

Preschool Personal and Emergency Information

Playgroup/Toddler Information Form*

Tuition Express Application (Sorry, but we are not able to accept Credit Card transactions.)

  • Here are all those important forms for registration that you may have lost!! You can download them here. Please double check to ensure you have BOTH PAGES of the Child Health Exam. If your health care provider gives you a printout of immunizations, please attach that... Also... remember to fill out the parent portion of the health exam form.

  • YES... Weekly Playgroup friends do need a physical and personal information on file. You may use the Child Health Exam form. Most pediatricians also have this form. We do expect proof of immunization.

  • Children may not remain at preschool without a parent present UNLESS the Personal and Emergency Information is on file with TWO alternative local people (neither being parents) that we can call in case of an emergency who you trust to care for your child when he/she is ill or unable to remain at school for some reason.

  • All individuals picking up or dropping off children regularly, or who are attending a playgroup with a child are required to complete the CANTS Authorization Form, which is used to ensure we have safe people in contact with our children at all times. The Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) reviews the CANTS information to ensure no pending or current child abuse or neglect charges are outstanding.